-Store in a cool dry place. 

-A breathable fabric duster bag and/or box is the highest recommendation. Avoid plastic bags for straw storage, as it may cause straw to dry out and break.

-Store hat on a flat surface resting crown-side down to avoid brim warp.

-Hang flush to wall via a hook or nail.

-Due to the natural materials the majority of our hats are made from, exposure to long periods of heat and moisture can affect/change the color and shape of your hat.

-Do not store your hat in a car, the exposure to prolonged sunlight and heat will discolor and distort the shape.




 - Make small counter clockwise motions with a soft bristled brush to bring the original lustre back to your hat.

-To remove dust, fuzz, and the like, a lint roller or tape may be used.

-Spot treating small stains can be done by blotting the area with a lightly damp undyed/natural cloth.  Depending on the severity of the stain it is recommended to seek professional cleaning.

-If wet, allow to airdry to avoid shrinkage from a heat source such as a blow dryer.

-To flatten a brim, an iron on low heat may be used with a pressing cloth. Avoid excessive steam may warp or shrink shape.


-Avoid getting natural fibers wet, shape distortion may occur.

-The color will evolve with naturally dyed straws and wear. This is not a defect and should be seen as character unique to the wearer.


-This is to be determined on a case by case basis of product. Seek professional opinion via dry-cleaner or send us an email to with a brief description and photo of the product. We assume no risk for results.


We offer repairs. For details email via the contact section with a brief description and/or photo of damage so we can know how to best assist you. As the item is in need of repair, we create solutions on a case by case basis. We assume no risk for results.