SIDEREAL HAUS is a creative sanctuary for those who are city-minded yet love a tranquil escape with creative bright energy at the heart of their adventures. The space is awe inspiring in its scale of vast openness and natural rawness; perspectively worlds away from bustling civilization.

Inspired by the term "sidereal time", referring to the  time scale that is based on Earth's rate of rotation measured relative to the fixed stars of the universe, time feels diferent here.

It is a coveted New Yorker "home away from home" featuring collaborative cool design works for sale throughout the residence from many esteemed artists, and designers on the rise. It was a natural meeting of minds with design director and owner Jessica Kaplan to create a hat for the haus. As a leader in the busy world of New York trend-casting, frequenting Jackson Hole to reset has been a must. Ever of the New York mindset, thus came the development of her passion project to curate a place for others to enjoy. Be it relaxing, resetting, or enjoying a new space to work from while away from home; the SIDEREAL HAUS was tailor-made and curated to inspire all of that.

From snowboarding, to the serenity of ranch life, The beauty of Jackson Hole and the downtown NY cool punk art vibes of SIDEREAL HAUS provide a peaceful place to work and relax from time to time. The mentality of the "New York hustle" is REAL. When working hard, a balance of energy and time allotted to recharge the mind, body, and soul is necessary. This is the place for balance restored.

In collaboration with the space, the Sidereal hat captures the intrinsic peace of the ranch and the eccentric elements that make it a one of a kind stay. With attention to subtlety, details include hand embroidered coordinates of the property, a nod to sidereal time via an artistic take on astronomy, a monotonal palate befitting the Haus' backdrop of the land, and vibrant pops of print and color hidden away within the lining of the hat. Everyone can come home with a piece of the tranquility to remember their stay in Jackson Hole by. 

Where brings you zen?
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